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"Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own..." 1 Corinthians 6:19

Monday, May 21, 2012

Detox - Days 2 & 3

I've made it through 3 days of detoxing now.  Hard to believe because the last time I tried to do this (about a year ago), I didn't even make it one day, haha!  I truly believe I'm doing this for Christ, and I know I'm doing this only with Christ.  I pray to Him before each meal, thank Him for creating these healthy foods for us, and ask for strength to do this.  As crazy as it might sound, on the morning of day 2 as I was preparing my lemon water, I was overcome by a strong smell of toast.  No clue where it came from as I live alone and haven't used my toaster in weeks, but it was there.  A little bit of the dark side trying to temp me, or just my sugar/chemical deprived mind playing tricks on  me?  Who knows...  Either way, I just keep praying for strength and thanking God for the good food.

Both days, I was craving other foods and felt hungry a lot even though I ate about 4-5 times each day.  I had no appetite for the many herbal teas in my pantry so I stuck to drinking ice-cold water.  This doesn't normally happen.  I love tea and attribute this to the meds I take for my disease.  They take my appetite away a lot, but I found in these couple of days that eating good foods has my body acting as it should.  Why is eating more food good for me?  Because I lost 10 pounds in the first two months I was on these meds because I had no appetite.  (As a side note, most diets have you restricting calories - not eating enough - which causes your body to switch into "fat-storage" mode, but that's for another day/post.)

I do feel like a hypocrite each time I have to take my meds.  I'm cleaning out my body from chemicals and toxins and then putting the meds in.  Kind of defeats the purpose, but my body is already used to the chemicals.  Hmmm... how to explain?  If you are not taking vitamins before you start a detox, you shouldn't start taking them during the detox.  If you are taking vitamins daily, keep taking them during a detox.  That's the rule so I use it when I take my meds.

I've felt more tired than normal and worried for about a second if maybe I should have talked with my doctor before detoxing.  Why that worry didn't last was because I'm eating better than I ever eat and eating more than I normally eat.  This isn't a "starve yourself" detox.  It's a healthy detox.  I still recommend readers to see their doctors before doing something so drastic as a 7-day detox.  As I've been certified in nutrition and know what things to look for, to avoid, etc, I'm confident that when I see my doc this week (on day 5), he'll be fine with my 7-days of eating raw.

New things for the week:  I'm excited to share that I had my first shot of wheatgrass and made my first green smoothie.  I've been eating foods (and food combinations) that I never thought to eat before.  I'm researching recipes, using the healthy cookbook and spices my sis sent me, and just really feel good about doing this.  I see food differently and I'm not sure why, but I'm using parts of fruits and veggies I never thought I would...ever!  Like fruit and veggie leaves that I used to just throw away.  You've got to research them first, however, because some tops or leaves may be bad for you, but I believe God is giving me a greater appreciation for the foods He created for us.

Thanks for reading and I'll keep you posted!

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